Lady Gaga Reportedly Joins Bradley Cooper's Remake of the Remake of the Remake of A Star Is Born

Now this weird motorcycle meeting makes sense!!!!
Now this weird motorcycle meeting makes sense!!!!

There’s something you might not know about Bradley Cooper. OK, there are probably several things you might not know about Bradley Cooper, but let’s focus on this one for now. You see, Braddy Boy really wants to make a remake of the remake of the remake of A Star Is Born. It’s been one of the most well-reported vanity projects of the past few years, primarily because of the woman he wanted to have the lead: Beyoncé Knowles.

For a time, Knowles was rumored to have accepted the role. Then, whoops, she dropped out (some said it was because they couldn’t afford her). But now, months after our last taste of ASIB 4.0 news, Variety is reporting that the role of “A Star” will likely go to Golden Globe winning actress Lady Gaga! Though the movie still hasn’t been green-lit, Coopy Coop is inching closer and closer to his dream, and for that I am happy.

“Gaga was high on the actor’s list from the get-go,” a source told Variety. I’m sure she was.


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I’m seeing some snark on the early comments here but I tell you what: I’d watch the fuck out of this. For one thing, I have a man crush on Bradly Cooper, for another thing, Lady Gaga is the ONLY dance/pop/whatever-she-is kind of music that is not classic rock or metal that I will actually listen to. I watched her HBO concert twice and admittedly would go to see her live if I could afford to get decent seats.

Also, I watched the hell out of the Striesand/Kristoferson (yeah, I’m sure I spelled both their names wrong, whatever) version of Star is Born back in the day when it was on heavy rotation on cable. Some of my early pants tightening were to scenes in that movie so it holds a special place in my heart.