Lady Gaga Recovering From Hip Surgery in 24K Gold Wheelchair (Naturally)

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In February, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel the remaining portion of her Born This Way Ball tour, due to a "labra tear of the right hip caused by strenuous repetitive movements." She also said she had synovitis, a severe inflammation of joints. Gaga had surgery on February 20 and will need to take it easy for a while.

Now, as the New York Post gleefully and exclusively reports, the injured pop star commissioned a one-of-a-kind wheelchair, so that she may recover stylishly. It's designed by Ken Borochov of Mordekai — a luxury jewelry/metalwork company responsible for some of the gorgeous crowns and claws Gaga has worn.

The Post describes the vehicle — which looks like it has lowrider bike wheels — thusly:

A 24-Karat gold plated chair with a black leather seat complete with a removable leather canopy. The chair can also recline all the way back if Gaga needs to lie down.


Terry Richardson took a picture of Gaga in the chair and posted it on his blog; it's also posted on Lady Gaga's social network, Check out another image here.

As you may recall, in the 2009 video for "Paparazzi", Lady Gaga is thrown from a balcony and returns home in a neckbrace and wheelchair; later she appears in a supportive gold bustier, using crutches. At the time, stylist B. Akerlund explained:

Gaga called me and said she wanted to be in a wheelchair. She wanted me to design it and not the prop department. I took it upon myself to drive to East L.A. and exchange the wheels for some low rider ones. I ordered some Gucci fabric and handed it over to my genius friend/designer Michael Schmidt so he could embellish it with Swarovski crystals. Originally, we made a metal logo that read "Gaga" on the wheels, but she disliked the font and we ended up exchanging it for the Chanel logo.

So! It's not the first time someone has been asked to create a Gaga-worthy wheelchair. Ken Borochov tells the Post:

"I certainly wasn't expecting that phone call and have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed the Chariot, a chair fit only for a queen."


EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga rides out hip injury in 24-Karat gold wheelchair [NYP]
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It doesn't look very practical, in the sense that she would be able to wheel herself around, but of course people like her have a team of caretakers 24/7. I can't fault her for wanting something pretty though. When I had to walk around with a cane for a couple of years, I had the most badass canes I could find. I did my best to rock it. Elderly people would come over to me on the street to ask where I had found my cane. It already sucks enough to be sick/old/disabled in any way. It's fun if you can do it with some style.