Lady Gaga Gets Matching Tattoos With Sexual Assault Survivors She Performed With

Following her performance at the Oscars of “Til It Happens to You,” from the film The Hunting Ground, Lady Gaga decided to get matching tattoos with the sexual assault survivors who joined her on stage.

In an interview with The Morning Mash Up, Lady Gaga explains the toll of the physical and mental pain that her assault has taken on her body. She explains how difficult it was for her to prepare for the performance as she relived the pain and wrestled with the shame she felt. She also describes being afraid of the fact that, in giving her performance, she would be publicly joining the group of sexual assault survivors around the world.


When she met the women and men who appeared with her, Lady Gaga said she burst into tears. One of the women suggested they all get tattoos to remember that they’re not alone. Lady Gaga explained “It was what they said to me that made me feel like the pain was lessoning.”

She documented the experience on Snapchat.


Some of the other survivors have since shared their matching ink.


She added: “My healing process has now begun because I’ve told somebody and I know I’m not alone.”

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Image via David Allen/Instagram and Getty.

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