Lady Gaga Canceled Earth and Moved Elsewhere to Record Her Next Album

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While Lady Gaga has always lived on Earth, she has never been of Earth. Whether through witchcraft or purposeful delusion, she has traipsed through her career like a glamorous alien—endlessly changing between pop goddess and pop victim and makeup mogul and Amazon employee and movie star and Vegas showgirl, all while maintaining an over-the-top predilection for wigs and couture. It’s been an ideal existence for her! Sadly, the Lady Gaga we’ve known and loved is dead. Well, not dead in the literal sense. Dead in that she’s finally moved far, far, far away from the rest of us—back to her home planet! This is the same as dying, because how often do you really text your out-of-town friends anyway?


Speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Lady Gaga revealed that she “deleted” Earth while recording her new song, telling Lowe: “I live on Chromatica.” Coincidentally, that is also the name of her new album, out April 10. While describing what her new home looks like, Gaga explained, “It’s all the colors, all the sounds.” She continued:

“I think what I’ve learned is that I can view the world in whatever way I choose to see it. It doesn’t mean that I’m deleting bad things, it just means that I can reframe my life experiences and reframe the way the world frames life experiences to a way that I love and believe in. That is Chromatica; I live on Chromatica. That is where I live. I went into my frame. I found Earth. I deleted it. Earth is canceled. I live on Chromatica.”

Whatever that means, it’s heartwarming to know that Lady Gaga has once again shed her adult contemporary coffee shop aspirations and embraced being a freak. She’s more fun like this, even if the accompanying music and visuals are an iPhone commercial best, derivative and archaic at worst. If anything, maybe she’ll arrive at the Met Gala in her spaceship?



i love gaga. i loved joanne - great album. this sounds more like a mid-tier track off ‘born this way’, which was okay.

the music video looks more like katy perry than lady gaga. very shallow, low-concept, bright colors to distract from the absence of an interesting personal aesthetic sense.

i guess this is because joanne was one of her lowest-selling albums to date, but goddamn, it still went #1. what price your vision?