Lady Gaga and Her Pink Cowboy Hat Crash the Late Late Show

There are no longer any pop stars who are too big or too good for James Corden and his Carpool Karaoke. Lady Gaga has a new album out, and plans to perform at the Super Bowl, so she was bound to be riding shotgun with Corden through the streets of LA at some point.

Lady Gaga’s turn in the hot seat aired Tuesday night. She and James Corden start off singing “Perfect Illusion,” the most grating song to come out this year. When they move on to “Bad Romance,” Corden asks Lady Gaga if people are confused about her lyrics, like “Rah rah rah-ah-ah-a.” She responds, “They don’t get to do that because I’m the boss,” and puts her hand in his face. Thank you, Gaga.

Here are the only fun facts revealed before Corden started dressing up in shitty approximations of Lady Gaga’s well-tread red carpet fashion history: She just learned to drive a couple months ago, and her whole family came to the DMV to watch. And, she also owns 400 pieces of Michael Jackson’s clothing, including the Thriller jacket, which she keeps in a regulated chamber so they can be preserved for all eternity.


Lady Gaga stuck around for the whole show, also revealing her late night alter-ego, “Lady Haha.” She gamely attempted to do some monologue jokes that the audience warmly encouraged, but it was almost a relief when Corden interrupted, storming the stage without pants.

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Her voice is effortlessly powerful.

She’s also looking stunning these days. Her skin is glowing and she’s not overdoing the fillers.