Ladies, You Can Now Rent a Mom

Among the many services to which millennials can now turn in times of crisis: Need a Mom. Is it real? Or is it simply too real? Great question. Also, hope they offer gift cards!


News of the existence of this Bushwick-based company comes via Gothamist. They spotted this sponsored post on Bushwick Daily, touting Need a Mom. It’s the brainchild of Nina Keneally, a mom with more than three decades of experience mom-ing. The name is pretty self-explanatory:

“As I started to live in the neighborhood, do yoga and frequent coffee shops, I’ve noticed that a lot of young people in the neighborhood wanted to talk to me about what was going on in their lives,” Nina said. One of her new friends had just recently lost his job and was really bummed about it. Nina suggested they sit down for a cappuccino and talk it through. She ended up polishing his resume and realizing that she can help people figure out what was going on in their lives and do the things a mom would do for them.

And so a startup was born. She won’t do your laundry, but she will bring you sick-day soup. Unfortunately, I must note that there is a chance this is a joke or stunt, given that the “rates” section of Need a Mom’s website is currently blank. And of course, a few years of young adulthood spend floundering in confusion is precisely how you develop self-reliance. But I could really use somebody to sew a snap into the inside of this button-down, though...

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Brene Brawn

Authenticity check:

Does the rental mom make passive aggressive comments about my clothing choices?

Does the rental mom complain about my lack of romantic pursuits when single and vocalize all of her reasons for hating my current partner when coupled?

Does the rental mom include explicit instructions with the sick day soup how many servings there are, and good God, you ate all of it, go take a walk around the neighborhood. Now.