Ladies with Two Vaginas, No Vagina on TLC Reality Show

Now that TLC has pulled back the curtain on women who eat toilet paper, women who eat sofas, women who don't know they're pregnant, women who are obsessed with puppets, and women who field dress moose, what strange tribe of exotic females will the intrepid cable network feature next?


A woman with two vaginas, and another with no vagina? Yes, that will do.

The above video features clips from TLC's upcoming Strange Sex series, which debuts on Sunday at 10PM EST. It will feature a woman with two vaginas ("like a double-barrel shotgun") and another with no vagina, thus raising a critical question: Would you rather have two vaginas or no vagina? Before you answer, take note: Two-vagina lady also has two periods. They are not simultaneous. [TLC]



Gawker, I'm sorry, but you guys are disgusting.

"At first I felt sorry for the girl with no vag - but then I realized that her boyfriend probably gets blowjobs on the daily."

"double vag girl is... kinda hot. no vag... well... i bet her butthole is ran through like a male prisoner who dropped the soap!"

"imagine looking at a women and you see what looks like a pig's snout with larger holes."

"And the voice in my head instantly finished the rest of the second woman's boyfriend's sentence...'The reason I stuck around was because she's going to feel so bad about not being able to have regular intercourse that she will feel obligated to have anal sex'."

"At least with the lady with no vagina you can pick a fold and f#ck it."

"and I love anal. actually, this couldn't have been a better deal for me."

"If the double vag lady also had no mouth she would be the ultimate woman."

"She is perfect for gang banging. PERFECT."