Every year, celebrities participate in the Heart Truth Red Dress show, promoting women's heart health. And as in a new-school wedding, the participants - Heidi Klum, America Ferrera, Kim Kardashian, Kimora Lee Simmons and more - choose their own duds.

If I were organizing this, Joan Collins would be the first person I'd contact: it's like she was born in Reagan Red.

Princess Felicity Huffman.


Heidi Klum is a regular at this event!

Okay, clearly they were flexible on palette - maybe Regina King just doesn't do red?


Jordin Sparks goes the formal route.


I guess a runway pro like Kimora's able to handle a short, tight skirt strut with elan. Hey, if she wants to!

You just knew Estelle would bring it - even if you didn't know she'd bring Baby Jane at Tara!


Bethenny Frankel - and company.


That's so Raven - and so regal. A friend of mine has been trying to make "that's so Raven" happen as slang. Let's just say, it's an uphill battle.

Kristin Chenoweth: you can take the girl off Broadway...


Now, for the Mount Olympus portion of the evening...Kim Kardashian.

...and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Hey, no one said the Greek gods weren't a diverse bunch.

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