Ladies, Dudes Freak Out in Heineken Commercial

The tipster who sent in this clip was of two minds: she wasn’t sure whether to be offended or to laugh. Ad (in Dutch) after the jump.

We’re going with laugh- it shows four women screaming in a walk-in closet full of shoes (clearly a Sex and the City reference) when they are interrupted by the sounds of four men freaking out in a closet of their own. Sure, it relies on certain dated stereotypes, but anything that mocks SATC is OK by us. And we kind of want that beer closet.

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I personally am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more offended by the new Oreo Cakesters commercial that has women running after a truck full of 100-calorie packs of that shit like it's the Beatles or something. I almost threw my remote at the television when I saw that one. Fuck you Nabisco!