Cell phone usage doesn't seem like a race issue, or a gender issue. But it is!

According to analysis conducted by the Nielsen Company, black people talk on their cell phones twice as much as white people. And women talk and text more than men.

It's probably best not to ask why Nielsen is tracking how much black people talk and text, even if you find it alarming. But here are some good questions: Why are white people the "least talkative" in the study? Why do black people need to talk so much? AP reporter Peter Svensson writes:

One reason blacks talk more on cell phones may be that fewer of them have home phones, but this hardly explains the whole difference.

Yeah, no, that doesn't really explain anything, and also doesn't explain why women also chitchat more.


Here's a theory: Since white males have a history of running shit, perhaps being oppressed makes you want to communicate? I'm not sure, but as a black woman, I'm going to need to call and text a few people and see what they say.

Study: Blacks And Women Talk And Text More [AP]

[Image via Colleen E. Scott/Scott Designs/Shutterstock.]