Kylie Jenner's Luxury Dog House Has Better AC Than My Apartment

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Did you spend the night sleeping in a pool of your own sweat? Or on the bathroom floor maybe? Or perhaps you had the overhead fan on, but it wasn’t doing enough, so you opened the windows and slathered on insect repellent, only to wake up every two hours to the agony of an oblong-shaped mosquito bite on the one toe/finger/cheek you missed, at which point you proceeded to lie awake, wondering desperately when the urge to rip your toe/finger/cheek off would pass? (Just me?)


Then you must not be one of Kylie Jenner’s dogs.

Now that Kylie’s life has been made complete by a real baby, her old PRETEND babies, Norman and Bambi, are moving to the doghouse. But before you fret for them, consider this: their new home will probably be nicer than your tiny apartment.


Kylie took to Snapchat to show off their work-in-progress luxury doghouse. “You guys, my dog house is almost done!!” she gushed. “It’s going to be air-conditioned and heated and they’re going to have their own little… it’s like a guest house.” Yeah, a guest house with better climate control than my apartment. Based on the clip, it seems the doghouse is tall enough for humans to stand in/me to live in, with an adult-height human door on the side.

The doghouse may be fancy, but it’s not quite as wild as that of Paris Hilton’s dogs, who are known to frolic in a two-story, air-conditioned mansion complete with balcony and chandelier. Honestly, Norman and Bambi’s digs are kind of quaint by comparison.


Look, all I’m saying is, please let me sleep in one of these houses.

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My dogs have 850 square feet of air conditioned luxury complete with a king size bed, flat screen TVs, modern appliances, and a spacious yard. They let me live here too, so it’s pretty cool.