Kylie Jenner Reportedly Lays the Groundwork for Selling Makeup Out of a Truck

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

On Tuesday, several outlets reported that Kylie Jenner filed legal papers to trademark “Kylie Truck.” The reality star also trademarked “Kylie Jenner truck.” Ruthless.


The Hollywood Reporter speculated that this spiffy new legal language will “seemingly allow [Jenner] to take her successful Kylie Cosmetics line and other Kylie-branded merch on the road, as it were.”

Imagine a future where you could be anywhere and suddenly you’re buying cosmetics out of a truck. Its jingle is the harsh pop of a Sephora. The experience is akin to online shopping, if online shopping struck like lightening and wheeled around like an automobile. You were just a person walking down a street. Now you’re a person walking down a street, owning bronzer.


While I was on my internet break this holiday weekend, some people got engaged. I just have one question: Why was Bogart the dog made to stay in the States?

The Guardian reported on Tuesday that Meghan Markle has permanently left her rescued Labrador-shepherd mix to American friends of hers, while Guy, a beagle, gets to live it up at Kensington Palace.


When asked for the reasoning behind this outrageous injustice, a royal rep told The Guardian, “I can’t speculate. Miss Markle is very fond of her dogs and any decision about moving a dog over the ocean will have lots of complexity to it.”

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"A Dress" -Calvin Klein

She couldn’t come up with anything snappier than “Kylie Truck”??? Really?? I’m disappointed in Kris.

Eta : “Kylie Kosmetics Kar-makazi”. There. Give me my money.