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Kylie Jenner Is Trying to Make 'Hair Tattoos' Happen

Illustration for article titled Kylie Jenner Is Trying to Make Hair Tattoos Happen

Is a tattoo really a tattoo if it’s not a tattoo? The latest non-trend, brought to you by Kylie Jenner, are hair tattoos that stick to white people’s hair.


The beauty and accessory world would love for these temporary hair tats (more of an adornment than a tattoo) to take off, and as with many trends, it’s not for everybody.

Refinery29 writes: “Apply these to straight hair (so curly-haired girls, this might not be for you — sigh).” Interesting. Here’s Kylie ever so casually being spotted with a Scünci hair tat.


A reminder that hair tattoos aren’t real.


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Am I the only one who remembers these from the early 00s?

I remember - distinctly - having silver sparkly hair tattoos. I also remember that with curly hair, straightening the hair first didn’t work because you have to get the tattoo wet in order for it to stick. Also with one sweep of the hand you are reminded rather painfully that you’ve essentially just put a piece of gum in your mane.