Kylie Jenner, Garfield: 'Lasagna, Lasagna, Lasagna, Lasagna'

In the likely event that I am some day asked to compare the Kardashian-Jenners to Garfield characters, I will have my choices ready. I look at this photo and know that Kris is John, Caitlyn is Liz, Kim is Arlene, Kourtney is John’s Dad, Khloe is John’s Mom, Kendall is Odie, Rob is Pookie, and Kylie is Garfield. I will then say, “Why did I say that?”

While I can’t give any explanation for most of those selections, the video above—taken from Kylie’s current Snapchat story—should do more than enough to convince you that I’m right about her being Garfield. Because when I see an orange tabby chow down on a 13x9 pan of piping hot lasagna, speak condescendingly to a dog, or ruin the sex life of its owner for no other reason than his own sadistic love of watching people sink further into their depression, I think, “That horrible cat who’s somehow beloved by millions is such a Kylie!”

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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i should have known that with lasagna in the article title i’d see a dead-eyed woman taking her pants off.

thats on me.