Kyle's Last Supper: A Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Power Ranking

Who is the shadiest, most powerful, most spiteful of them all? These are Jezebel’s definitive power rankings for Season 1o of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Results are tallied throughout the season, based purely on friendships, storylines, confrontations, confessional looks, and our very good instinct.

This week, we revisit Dorit and Sutton’s old money vs. new money beef, Tom tells stories about John Wayne, and Teddi and Kyle’s co-dependence is questioned.

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#2 Headband

I wish Kyle would just admit that she and Teddi have a closer relationship than she has with others. WHO CARES? That’s how friendships work!

Dorit was trying to insist all last season that she and Lisa were BFFs and was jealous of Kyle and LVP’s relationship. Now she’s clearly jealous (masquerading as disgust/confusion) of Kyle and Teddi’s relationship.

Dorit is the one who’s bizzare. And Kyle and Teddi are terrible at communication.