Kyle Richards Is Getting Another Show Based on Her Life's Dramas

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards now has two forthcoming scripted shows loosely inspired by her own life, because clearly having one television show about you is just not enough!


The first, American Woman, is a sitcom that stars Alicia Silverstone as a newly single mother in the 1970s raising two daughters, a story inspired by Richards’s own childhood. And now there is the a newly announced drama Glass Houses coming to ABC, plot summary courtesy of Variety:

Titled “Glass Houses,” the potential series would follow the financially overextended Anisa Shattenkirk-Glass as she launches her own company to challenge her former employer and mother-in-law Dahlia for control of the L.A. real estate market, all while trying to court and please L.A.’s most lucrative and elite clients.

Maybe you read that and are completely confused as to how this is based on Kyle’s life, given that she is not a real estate agent. Understood! But you might remember that her husband Mauricio Umansky is a real estate agent, having his started his own agency—aptly titled The Agency—in 2011. And before he had his own agency he actually worked for Hilton & Hyland, the agency of Rick Hilton, who is married to Kyle Richards’s sister Kathy.

The rumor is that Rick Hilton allegedly wouldn’t make Umansky a partner, so Mauricio bounced, started his own agency, and then tried to poach Hilton’s clients. The relationship between the two families was so tense that Richards was almost not invited to Nicky Hilton’s wedding, and Umansky himself apparently wasn’t even allowed to come. Much of this played out on the Real Housewives, Kyle’s current TV show.

So sort of the same way American Woman isn’t totally about Kyle but rather about her mother, Glass Houses will be a mash-up of Kyle and Mauricio’s experiences. Because what better way to address years-long family drama than through a loosely autobiographical television show! And even though Glass Houses will be produced in association with NBCUniversal (Bravo’s parent company) it’s interesting that neither of these shows are premiering on Bravo, considering what a perfectly dramatic fit they would be.

A previous version of this piece misidentified the show’s title as American Women.

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