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Krysten Ritter Is a Superhero P.I. with a Chip on Her Shoulder in Jessica Jones

There are certain hallmarks of fictional private investigators: They’re hard-drinking, gravel-voiced, and tortured by their pasts. More rarely do they have superpowers, and even more rarely are they women. Jessica Jones is all of the above.


The latest collaboration between Netflix and Marvel, Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter as an angry detective who can throw back whiskey as effortlessly as she can throw an enemy across the room (neither make her break a sweat). Her enemies are her own foibles and—more dangerous yet—Kilgrave (David Tennant), a villain with the ability to control people’s minds. Jessica lives in a grim and dangerous world, but—on the bright side—she also gets to make out with her hot bartender (Mike Colterto).

Ritter—coming off of brief stints on Breaking Bad and Veronica Mars—has been searching for a starring vehicle for a long time now. While previous attempts (Don’t Trust the B) have failed on network television, Netflix is known for giving their shows more breathing room and good promotion. Also helpful: their last Marvel adaptation (Daredevil) was wildly successful.


Additional trivia: Jessica Jones was shot outside the former Gawker offices and a certain Deadspin writer once stole a tuna fish sandwich and some shitty honeydew fruit salad off their craft services table. He still has not apologized.

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I will never understand how Don’t Trust the B- died while 2 Broke Girls lives on (ilu, Kat Dennings, but no). It’s a fucking travesty.

I am pretty pumped about Jessica Jones, though. I didn’t love Daredevil as much as many other people did (I found that for me, the gritty realism hampered the flow sometimes, such as during the 45 minute long fight scenes), but I have high hopes for this one. Hopefully I’ll be able to binge on it during Thanksgiving break.