Kristen Wiig Might Face Off Against Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman 2 is in the works and our hero needs a new evil to face off against. What if that face were Kristen Wiig’s?


Deadline reports that Wiig is in talks to play the role of “Cheetah,” one of Wonder Woman’s most nefarious foes. According to Polygon, the original Cheetah was just a woman with a cat costume named Barbara Anne Minerva, but she was eventually transformed into an actual cheetah/human hybrid by comic book god Urzkartaga.

Cheetah blames Wonder Woman for her sudden case of hairballs—and cannibalistic bloodlust. Discovering that Themyscira and the Amazons were real through her archeology-frenemyship with Diana is what drove Cheetah to seek out Urzkartaga. A classic workplace conflict that we can all identify with.

The casting hasn’t been confirmed, but should be soon, as executives are hungry for more of Patty Jenkin’s box office magic. This would be Wiig’s first role as a villain, but she’s played dramatic characters before. Though a campy funny Cheetah would be welcome! I’ve had enough random white men glowering for a lifetime. Those are the villains in real life, give us something more fun to fight onscreen.

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Global Beet

That’s all well and good but Wonder Woman, sans her powers, would get curbed stomped by Okoye. Or Okoye with super strength, doesn’t even need flight or any of the other powers wonder woman has, would curb stomp Wonder Woman. The only deciding factor is powers. Remove them from the equation and Okoye wins every time.