Kristen Wiig Joins Seth Meyers for a Mini-SNL Reunion

Kristen Wiig was on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday, giving fans a glimpse at a Saturday Night Live reunion of sorts.

Wiig was there to discuss her role in Hateship Loveship, which is (to remind those who aren't familiar with the movie) not a comedy. "If it was a comedy, I have some notes," said Meyers. Meyers got a bit nostalgic, showing an old clip of Wiig on Weekend Update when she played a character who was possibly the worst expert on flirting in the history of time. They didn't do any old sketches together, but still, seeing Wiig with Meyers and Late Night band leader Fred Armisen was a treat for those who miss them on SNL.

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Lee Harvey Korman

Holy Jesus! SNL cast members reuniting on NBC's late night talk shows?

I haven't seen that since Seth's premiere with Amy Poehler!

Or the following week when Kenan Thompson was on!

Or the following week when Andy Samberg was on!

Or the following week when Jason Sudeikis was on!

Or the following week when Taran Killam was on!

Or the following week when John Mulaney was on!

Or every night when Fred Armisen is on!

Or on Fallon when Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Fred Armisen, Adam Sandler and Tina Fey (again) have been on in just its first few weeks! Plus every week's SNL host and musical guest appearing on one or both shows!

Sorry. I really like most of what Jezebel and its writers (including Rebecca) come up with, but you're better than this. The constant fawning over the Lorne-iverse and the "OMG, did you see the awesome piece of '90s-nostalgia clickbait Jimmy Fallon aired last night?!?" is irritating.

And yet it's my fault for clicking on it and encouraging more of the same. And when Fallon brings Tim Kazurinsky on to do a rap number about pogs, or Joe Piscopo and Jimmy talk about their favorite Lunchables or whatever, I'll click on your article about that too, goddammit!