Kristen Stewart Says the New Film She's Directing About Gun Control 'Is Going to Kick Ass'

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Kristen Stewart’s been giving great, gracefully twitchy interviews this week as she makes the rounds at Sundance promoting her directorial debut Come Swim.


On Friday, Stewart revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that the next project she’s directing will be a short film about gun control. “My next thing is going to kick ass,” Stewart said, adding that she is in negotiations with Refinery29, which produced Come Swim, to partner with her on her next film as well.

Stewart, speaking to THR on the day of Donald Trump’s Inauguration also offered some words on the current political hellscape (no doubt we’ll be hearing more political discourse from Stewart if she releases a film about gun control in the near future). “You don’t have to be a politically involve person to be uber-aware of the fact that very basic humanitarian ideas are being so incredibly trampled on,” Stewart said.



So many celebrities jetted to D.C. to gather in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of protesters at the country’s marquee Women’s March yesterday, and that was great. But there was something extra special about the way Rihanna, always the realest, mingled, almost inconspicuously (except that she’s Rihanna) with protesters in NYC.


And by the way:



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