Kristen Stewart Refers To Herself as a "Miserable Cunt," Marie Claire Responds By Insulting Her "Grubby" Clothes

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A sound bite like this isn't exactly unsurprising coming from La St00z, whose previous shocking bon mots include telling the paparazzi to "freeze to death" and saying that being photographed against your will is like "getting raped." During a Marie Claire UK Q&A with Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, Stewart was asked what makes her happy. She replied:

I'm a miserable cunt! I'm not sure if I'm most happy when I'm comfortable and content or when I'm pushing myself to the limits. There are such different versions of happy. And I really appreciate both.

Yes, the conundrum of that particular word is problematic and unsolvable, but leave that for now. Here, interviewer Alice Olins of Marie Claire, feathers clearly a-ruffled, interjects with a classic put-down:

The actress is all too aware she's on show, and the "on-show" Stewart can be brash and provocative. I mean, if I was the new face of Balenciaga and had the pick of the latest collection to wear, I wouldn't have chosen a neoprene vest and grubby-looking jeans for the interview.


Ah, yes. The deep and penetrative psychological science utilized when criticizing another woman's. My 7th grade bully Ashley Goldfond used the same deductive skills to decide I was a "lesbo" who shopped at "the shit store." [Examiner]

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Not to spark a big discussion but I use the word 'cunt'. Sparingly as it really packs a punch but still I use it on occasion. However I also use the words 'dick', 'dickhead', 'knob jockey', 'bell end', 'penis face' (I admit that's not so big or clever so to speak), and on and on. There are plenty of male anatomy related words to use as insults so I personally don't mind 'cunt'. Unless on the receiving end of it mind you...I think it's lost meaning as a word for female genitalia and meaning that to be the worst and most offensive thing that exists.

Also, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: