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Kristen Stewart On Equality in Hollywood: Less Bitching, More Action

Illustration for article titled Kristen Stewart On Equality in Hollywood: Less Bitching, More Action

Kristen Stewart has words for those lamenting the pervasive gender inequality in Hollywood: stop bitching and start working towards change.


“Instead of sitting around and complaining about that, do something,” she says in an interview with Variety. “Go write something, go do something.”

Systemic change does demand action, and from every corner, but Stewart also acknowledges that it’s a difficult process. “Like, fuck, it’s hard to get movies made. It’s a huge luxury. Who gets to just make movies?” she exclaims. “But that subject is just so prevalently everywhere right now, and it’s boring.”


“That subject” or the flagrant gender problem in Hollywood is probably less “boring” to others attuned its impact. But sure, less talk and more meaningful action—especially from those most empowered to make change—would be ideal.

Stewart visited the Variety studio at the Sundance Film Festival in order to promote “Certain Women,” her new film also starring Laura Dern and Michelle Williams. You can watch a video of her interview here.

Note: Variety has amended the text accompanying Stewart’s video to specify that her remarks referred to “gender equality” rather than “diversity.” This post has been updated to reflect that change.

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It’s really disheartening when you expect some kind of depth and thoughtfulness out of a person for unknown reasons and are then given bullshit. The same bullshit that you are always given. She’s not smarter than any of the other privileged, white women out there just because she’s dark and moody. She’s just ignorant and twitchy. How damn insulated must your world view be if you really think that black people aren’t out here, working their asses off and being rejected every step of the way? Does she think that she is so talented that she got where she is off of sheer talent? There is a black girl out there who could have made Bella Swan almost palatable. Trust me. And if she thinks this issue is so boring, how does she think black folks feel? You really think that we wanna keep fighting for this shit? We want it to be over to so that we can get to outshining y’all. But y’all know that.....