Kristen Stewart Goes Shoeless at Cannes, Fuck Your Rules!

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Perhaps you recall that women attendees of the Cannes Film Festival have been historically disallowed from wearing flat shoes on its oh-so-fancy red carpet, including a point in 2015 when women were turned away from a screening of Carol. Fuckin’ CAROL! You know who’s not with that, though, is Kristen Stewart, notorious flouter of rules and convention and anything that seems vaguely unjust or the slightest bit wack.

So Monday on the red carpet for Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, she first arrived in her typical form, like Yeah, I’m here. GOD!!!!


Having made her appearance in Joan of Arc-alluding Chanel—a throwback to the Met Gala of last week, perhaps—she then was like, “OK, I did that. Bye ‘Boutin!”


And then it was like, “I’m a famous actor getting my feet dirty on your red carpet, KISS MY ASS!”


Kiss our ass too, with this dumbass dictum.

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