Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell Have Sicced Lawyers on Sites That Published Hacked Nude Photos

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Lawyers representing Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, model Stella Maxwell, have contacted a number of websites that recently published nude photos of the couple “demanding” they take them down in accordance with copyright law.

The photos were allegedly obtained by the same person or group responsible for hacking the iCloud accounts of Lindsey Vonn (who possessed photos of former boyfriend Tiger Woods), Katharine McPhee, and Miley Cyrus. On Monday, Woods’s attorney “promised legal action” against sites that published the hacked photos of his client, and—if Stewart and Maxwell’s move is any indication—attorneys for the other celebrities involved are likely to follow their lead.

As of TMZ’s initial reporting, the nude photos “are still posted.”

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What’s with “demanding”?