"Well imagine that," says matriarch of the Kardashians Kris Jenner in the latest promo for her talk show Kris, as surprised as you are that someone decided to give her a place to air more of her grievances/opinions/thoughts/musings. "Things are about to get interesting." What KIND of things?!

"I'm a mom with a pretty active family," says Kris. "When we're all just hanging out, that's my favorite time; lots of laughs, great conversation." You know, when they're all hanging out, getting paid. "And I thought, that would make for a great talk show." Like one of the four-ish shows they already have, but not like that at all.


We've been taunted, and given no real new information, save that, "You're in for a good time." A better time than what Bethenny has to offer us Kris? Never ever.

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