While you spent Memorial Day winning the hot dog eating contest at your local county fair (like you do every year), Kris Jenner was also taking care of business. The Kardashian matriarch has reportedly filed documents to trademark the word “momager,” so warn your mom—the one who relentlessly pushed you into the wild and heady world of competitive eating—to start unloading all of her “momager” merchandise now.

According to TMZ:

We found out Kris has filed legal docs to trademark the name “momager” in the world of entertainment, which means anyone else who wants to use the description would need her permission, or else she could sue them.

It looks like she’ll get what she’s gunning for, because Kris has already locked down trademarks for the term “momager” for personal management services and for use in her reality show.

Alright, Kris. “Momager”—a word synonymous with parents pushing their children into show business at the risk of their mental and physical health—is all you.



More in the potential fallout from Johnny Depp smuggling his two pet Yorkies into Australia: An Australian senate committee tells the Sydney Morning Herald that Depp could face up to 10 years in prison for ignoring the country’s animal quarantine laws, while the pilot who transported the dogs could be sentenced to two years. The Yorkies are now safe, having been returned to the U.S. where they no longer face the threat of euthanasia. [NYDN]


In the wake of blues legend B.B. King’s passing, two of his daughters—Karen Williams and Patty King—have written identical affidavits, released by their lawyer Larissa Drohobyczer, that claim that their father was poisoned by employees LaVerne Toney and Myron Johnson.

“I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances,” they write. “I believe my father was murdered.”

While the affidavits are written by Karen Williams and Patty King, Drohobyczer, who represents most of B.B. King’s 11 children, says, “The family is sticking together ... to oust Ms. Toney based on her illegal conduct, conflicts of interest and self-dealing.” [Billboard]


  • Chris Pratt is apologizing in advance for saying something dumb on the upcoming Jurassic World press tour. If only life worked that way, Chris. [Vulture]
  • As my colleague Kate Dries pointed out, the last line of this US Weekly story about Rachel McAdams crying at her sister’s wedding is the only line that counts. [US Weekly]
  • Speaking of tears, Kim Kardashian cried when Kanye threw away all her clothes. [E! Online]
  • Add Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge to the list of good Christians who aren’t rushing to judge confessed child molester Josh Duggar, but are perfectly willing to judge everyone else. [Radar]
  • Things didn’t go great when SNL’s Sasheer Zamata met Rihanna. [US Weekly]
  • Taylor Swift has confronted Calvin Harris to find out if he’s still a player. [Radar]


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