Kraft's Zesty Guy Is Back and You Can Thank One Million Moms For That

The ad campaign that freaked out the easily freaked out group One Million Moms has had a second burst of energy. This time around, Zesty Guy isn't in the kitchen, but is instead doing some regular activities that you could be taking part in with him (and his dressing).

There are five new images: Zesty Guy is buried in the sand, he's eating raspberries he presumably just picked, he's lying down on a court after playing tennis, he's riding a mechanical bull and he's chillaxing in a hammock on the beach. Each corresponds to different new flavors of Kraft's dressing, like Raspberry Vinaigrette or Thousand Island.


The agency who represents the photographer who shot the campaign, Bernstein & Andriulli, say that's it's actually because One Million Moms got all hot and bothered about the photos that everyone involved was stoked that they'd already decided to do a second round. [Update: Bernstein & Andriulli has updated their blog post to make it clear that One Million Moms can't really take full credit for the campaign getting a second life; it was the positive and negative feedback that got everyone all excited.] Explained photographer Douglas Friedman before that blog post was amended:

"[One Million Moms] generated so much interest in advertisements that had already run their course, breathing a second life into Zesty. It inspired the entire creative team to make this next series of images even better and to push it a little farther."

According to Friedman, Davis, the model, thinks it's all pure hilarity, probably because it's his job to think so.

"I mean, you're shooting salad dressing with a naked guy on a mechanical bull. It better be fun."


Wait I think I just got UNdressing.


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