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Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Isn't Letting Scott Disick See Their Kids Until He Sobers Up

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Scott Disick has been kind of a hot mess lately, and a sex mess too. By which I mean he seems to be having heaps of sex, or at least a lot of well-timed PDA with modelesque women at Cannes and elsewhere, in front of paparazzi cameras, always. The latest thing to happen with that situation was Disick’s cozying up to model Maggie Petrova (she says they’re just friends, pics tell another story) in a pool at Cannes on Friday, just a couple days after the reality TV star cuddled etc wth Bella Thorne and his ex-girlfriend on the same day, reportedly.


Anyway, TMZ is now reporting that Disick’s ex-partner, Kourtney Kardashian, isn’t letting him see their three kids until he sobers up. Sources close to Kardashian and Disick told TMZ that Disick is, “abusing alcohol and other substances,” and that he is refusing to try to get sober.

TMZ helpfully points out that something similar happened back in 2015, when the couple had just split up, and Kardashian didn’t allow Disick to enter her gated community home for a month, during which time he didn’t see their kids.


A source told Us Weekly last week that, “Scott’s lifestyle has become out of control. His friends are all worried for him and trying to calm him down. His friends begged him not to go to Cannes.”

[TMZ] / [Us Weekly]

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Vulcan Has No Moon

Ryan Seacrest is upset that Katy Perry is being offered way (waaaay) more to do American Idol than he is. [Page Six]

Maybe he should work harder if he wants to be paid the same as a woman.

I bet he has kids. Men with kids can’t focus on their careers the same way a single woman can. Guys with kids are always happier as stay at home fathers.

He should just ask for more money. If you don’t ask for a raise, you won’t get one!

I’m sure Katy has more education and experience than Ryan does.

If he wanted top billing and the big bucks, Ryan should have pursued a more prestigious career!

So what if he’s only making 79 cents on every dollar that Katy makes? Its just a few cents! What’s the big deal?