Kotex Issues Recall of Some Products After Reports of Tampons Coming Apart During Use

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On Thursday, NPR reported that multinational personal care corporation Kimberley-Clark voluntarily recalled some U by Kotex tampons, which were reportedly unravelling during use due to a “quality-related defect.”

The company issued a guide to the recall to address consumers’ concerns. Those who have used the defective tampons, which were produced between October of 2016 and 2017, are urged to “seek medical attention to remove pieces left in the body.” Additionally, “There also have been a small number of reports of infections, vaginal irritation, localized vaginal injury, and other symptoms.”

The products were sold in packs of 3, 18, and 34—it’s still not clear how many compromised tampons were sold. Anyone who uses the product can confirm if their tampons are included in the recall by checking the lot number and following the guide’s instructions.


Retailers are reportedly including notices in stores as they pull the defective tampons from shelves. The company said they are “putting systems in place to prevent the occurrence of similar issues in the future.”

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Violet Baudelaire

Yall... it is actually really bad journalism and really misleading to post about a recall for a product and then put a picture of a different, non recalled brand up. The pic is clearly an OB tampon; below is a picture of a Kotex tampon that was recalled:

It’s one thing to do it for a generic article; it’s another when you’re actually actively confusing people about an important health issue. Imagine if someone posted “Major Lettuce Recall” for romaine and yall posted a picture of spinach.