Korina Is Project Runway's New Biggest Sore Loser

After last night, Season 13 of Project Runway is down to its final four designers. Thursday's episode was the last challenge before Fashion Week, where Sean (who's the best) or Kini will inevitably win. But first, one last dramatic presentation from sore loser Korina!

A little backstory: Last week, Korina had a tearful breakdown after losing to Charketa, who had the benefit of earning a mid-season "Tim Gunn Save" that kept her in the competition. Instead of sulking on her own, Korina blamed Char. Her immature reaction: "I'm so much of a better designer!" and "You were out. You were eliminated!"


For reference, this was Korina's losing design:

These were the looks she and Char made for Heidi and Co.'s impromptu Redo:


So Korina was Auf'd. I mean, you could play chess on her dress but that's about it.

In last night's episode, this season's eliminated designers returned to assist the final contestants on a challenge where they had to create a New York-inspired street chic look and reimagine a previous losing design. After being paired with Char (burn), Korina stormed off-set, telling Tim Gunn: "I really don't wanna do this. It's very fresh. I'm still really upset. And I don't think I would really be able to put enough effort into helping her...I think it's clear that I should not be here."


Tim, what do you think?




I get that it's a douchey move from producers meant to create tension. Still, most of the losers who've been forced to return swallow some humility and help out.

The designers' reactions:

Kini: "Korina is kinda looking like a big crybaby to me...You knew that somebody could get eliminated and unfortunately it was you."

Sean: "She's so bitter and she has this very dark side to her and she's obviously showing her true colors of how she feels now that she's out."

Amanda: "Getting eliminated sucks for everyone. It's not any more painful for her. I've been eliminated. I know."


Shadiness is essential to Project Runway, and Korina's designs are impressive, but her elitist attitude rubbed me the wrong way the whole season. She needed a reality check. So yeah, biggest sore loser, although the award for wildest exit still goes to Sandro.

Bye Korina!

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