Well, that was quick. Susan G. Komen For the CureĀ® has stated in no uncertain terms that it has no use for any money that Pornhub.com's October Save the Boobies! campaign was raising. The organization has also demanded that the porn site stop using the Komen name, stop it at once before poor Nancy Brinker catches the vapors. Take your Breast CancerĀ® fund raising riffraff elsewhere!

Pornhub's campaign promised users that for every 30 clicks on videos featuring jugs of a certain size (ie "big jugs," or "small jugs") during the month of October, they'd donate one cent to Komen. More boobs used as boner fuel, more money toward Komen's version of the CureĀ® for Breast CancerĀ®.


The only problem is that Komen's only a whore for donor money if the money comes from organizations like KFC or Ford Motor Company, two corporations that arguably fill the environment and the body with possibly cancer-causing pollutants but at least don't fill delicate Christian brains with soul-eroding smut like the kind found on PornTube. So now we know where Komen draws the line ā€” not at carcinogenic pink branded perfume, but at sex.


Team Nobody!