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Kodak Black Pleads Not Guilty On Weapons Charges

Illustration for article titled Kodak Black Pleads Not Guilty On Weapons Charges
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Kodak Black has pleaded not guilty to the federal weapons charges that kept him from performing at last week’s Rolling Loud Festival in Miami.


According to Billboard, U.S. Magistrate Judge Edwin Torres granted Black—whose real name is Dieuson Octave—release on $550,00 bond with house arrest. While Black has a litany of other cases that could land him in jail, the indictment in the weapons case said he twice falsified federal forms to buy weapons in Florida. Of the three weapons he received, one was left at the scene of a recent shooting at Pompano Beach.

He was also arrested in April on drug and weapons charges as he crossed the border to the U.S. from Canada, in addition to charges in Florida including drug and weapons possession, armed robbery, sexual assault, probation violations and fleeing from officers.


At the time of his arrest, Black was already out on bail awaiting trial in a South Carolina sexual assault case. Following the weapons charges, that bail is likely to be revoked.

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Margin Of Error

Ok, so fuck this guy then.

He seems like the kind of asshole that thinks laws don’t apply to him because he’s famous!?

Keep your guns out of Canada, turd.