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Known Hot Person John Cho Was Once Dissed by Known Asshole Morrissey

Illustration for article titled Known Hot Person John Cho Was Once Dissed by Known Asshole Morrissey

In a video at the link, actor/nice face haver John Cho talks about the time he met his musical hero Morrissey. The scene was a pool hall in Los Angeles where the beer was awful. Things did not go well. (Or maybe they went perfectly?)


Head on over to Vulture to watch the video!

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Pink Everlasting

This is amazing.

I once bumped into Morrissey. I was leaving a 7-11, I was incredibly drunk and high, I had an armful of Gatorade and Entenmann's donut holes. I step onto the street, see an impeccably dressed man with a breathtaking pompadour, and just as I am about to say "you hair is fucking awesome" he looks up, makes eye contact with me, and it's fucking Irish-blooded, English-hearted Morrissey. (Yes, his eyes are even more beautiful in person)

I froze, mouth still open, the words I had begun to say evaporated. He looked away and kept walking. I started whispering loudly to my friend "That is fucking Morrissey, did you see??" and was crushed to find out that a.) my friend had no idea who Morrissey was, and b.) therefore said "then why don't you go ask for an autograph?" and didn't understand why that is something one does not do unless they expect to be swatted away like a gnat.