Knitting Is A 'Good Thing For Girls,' In Case You Were Wondering

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Today in gendered toys, we learn that juggling (or its later-in-life equivalent: hackey sack) is a male pursuit, while knitting (or its later-in-life equivalent: knitting scarves for Male Life Mate and the three beautiful Post-Uteran Flowers that you two have together, who—heteronormatively!—frolic in the backyard while you knit one, purl two) is for the girls. Courtesy of Twitter user @sandblowerliz.

The sad thing is that a lot of the other products from Seedling, a New Zealand toy company for kids, look kind of neat and gender-neutral. Or at least don't have those aggressive labels. Then again, PHEW, because without those labels, you really could have fucked up your kid by giving her some beanbags, am I right??

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Awh, now this just makes me feel like a failure, you guys! I've never been able to learn how to knit, I just can't do it. My mother is so disappointed in me. I guess I'm not a real girl, then.