Knitters Take To The Streets

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Knitted wool tubes in bright colors have started to appear on signposts and trees in Sydney, Australia, the work of street artist Denise Litchfield. It is part of a growing global movement of guerrilla knitters.

Guerrilla knits have been spotted in Scandinavia, the US, Japan and South Africa. Litchfield calls the movement “absurd and feminine and fun,” and part of an effort to “redefine street art.” Emily Howes, author of a PhD thesis on “indie craft,” explained the motivation behind guerrilla knitting: "they see craft as a subversive and politically motivated act — a way of jolting people out of their comfortable reverie." [Sydney Morning Herald]

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Little Green Frog

Hmm, this could be a good use for all the acrylic yarn that I have been given and collected through the years and I'll never use for my items because it's not warm, and because I am a yarn snob.