Kitty Litter Commercial Features Cat-On-Cat CPR

While I'd like to think that if there was a cat choking somewhere another kitty might come save its life, this commercial for Cat's Pride kitty litter goes a bit overboard. Let's all give a round of applause to this overly-dramatic CGI cat for performance of the year and call it a day, okay?


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I cannot express enough how much I hate changing cat litter! I've tried everything from crystals, gel, corn, newspaper, and pine. Not to mention all the different cat litter boxes and tools. One that sifted the soiled litter from the good, one that you rolled back and forth and a electric self scooping box that scared the cat. He actually pooped in the tub rather than use the box. I hate the smell, and the fact that my cat felt the need to riverdance instead of scratch. Now he just leaves it on top, he doesn't even try to bury his poop any more. So I have to scoop litter on top of it to make it easier to clean. He comes to watch me clean the box too. He knows that he added one extra indignity for me and he has to smugly watch me clean up his poop.