Kittens Popcorn and Marshmallow Saved From Fire Thanks to 'Tiny Meow'

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Meet Popcorn and Marshmallow, two very lucky kittens who narrowly escaped being trapped in a bonfire thanks to a ‘tiny meow’ that alerted a groundskeeper to their whereabouts moments before he walked away.

Reports the Mirror:

Builder Rob Gillen was working in Andy Southcott’s garden when he made the discovery - Andy is his boss and the chairman of property developers Southcott Homes.

After Rob discovered the pair of kittens at his boss’ home in Southampton, Hants, he pulled them from the pile and informed Debbie, Andy’s wife.

Debbie immediately took them to the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Southampton.

It is believed the mother of the two kittens is a stray cat that has regularly been spotted around the area.

Rob, 28, from Southampton, said he is relieved to have found them just in time and said they were ‘moments from being burnt.’


The cats are currently in charity foster care awaiting a good human to take them home—and in the meantime, Blue Cross (the aforementioned UK charity, not to be confused with the US health insurer) reminds people to “check your bonfire for wildlife before lighting it.”

Image courtesy the Mirror

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Melissa Ulto

the names are a bit sadistic lol...