Kittens Are Predictably Adorable Playing with Toy Trucks

::checks watch:: Oh look, it's squee time! Here we have some ridiculously adorable kittens playing with toy trucks, which is a thing that kittens need to do, obviously.

My only question is why are our Cat Overlords training their youths to operate heavy machinery now? For what purpose do they need miniaturized dump trucks? What sinister part of the invasion does this fit into? Does it perhaps have anything to do with their recent wave of cold weather infantry training? One can only sit back in terror and wait for their horrifying plans to be revealed. These are dark, dark days indeed.

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Team Cat Headquarters here,

Burt once again we are concerned about our potential security leak and are questioning agents in relation to the release of this TCHQ training video. It's not clear who your source is but let's just say corporal smooshy face may or may not be in our interrogation room right now. And just so you know any future attempts at bribing our agents with "all the fishes" will not work again.

Anyhoo Operation "Fur on Wheels" was merely another exercise in making cute kitten videos to disseminate throughout your human interwebz to garner favor with you humanz. It of course has nothing to do with creating a feline based transportation structure capable of delivering kibble to our operatives around the globe. This hypothetical infrastructure once in place would free us from having to rely on human servan...ahh that is "owners" for food related needs. None of this is of course real and has nothing to do with creating an autonomous international catcentric catocracy that is independent from human society rendering us the ability to organize and ultimately conquer the human race. That would be crazy.

Lastly we are in no way working on grafting human hands onto cats to undermine your opposable thumb regime. Not at all. Sleep well

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