Kitten Will Do Everything It Can to Stop Cop From Writing Ticket

Here is an adorable kitten climbing all over a cop in Texas who is just trying to do his job. Typical cat, making it all about themselves.

This kitten literally gives zero fucks that this policeman is in the middle of some very important cop-type business. That speeding ticket (or whatever) isn't going to write itself, kitty. The there is something about this cop the kitten cannot resist. The video is old so we have no way of knowing right now if the cat just has a thing for men in uniform or if this officer was in fact made entirely of tuna fish and catnip. We will investigate further and update when we know more.

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You jest, but we had a cop at the house before Christmas. There's been a string of thefts, and the hooligans (ruffians?) stole some of our mail. When the cop came in, our youngest cat LOST HIS TITS. He started rubbing against the cop, jumping around like a kangaroo, and attacking the blinds. He kept stopping his antics to make sure the cop was watching him.