Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Are Reportedly Expecting a Baby, Which Is Nice to Hear

DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THEM? (Images via Backgrid.)
DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THEM? (Images via Backgrid.)

Like most of this planet’s 7.6 billion people, I’m not friends with Kirsten Dunst. I’ve never met Kirsten Dunst. I’ve never even been in the same room as a version of Kirsten Dunst that wasn’t projected onto a screen. But I have been a fan of Kirsten Dunst since 1995 (the year Jumanji was released), I think Dick is one of the great comedies of the last quarter century, and I feel a certain familial pride when she makes headlines for news that could be reasonably interpreted as “good,” such as today’s report that she and fiancé Jesse Plemons are expecting a child together.

The news, first reported by Us Weekly, comes nearly a year after the couple (who met on the set of Fargo’s second season) revealed their engagement, and on the same day John Stamos made his considerably less exciting baby announcement.

I wish I could give you more details, really I do, but Us Weekly’s anonymous source is apparently a fan of brevity. I can, however, show you this image of Dunst wearing a big pink shirt and touching her stomach in a way that appears to scream, “There’s somethin’ in here!!!”

Image via Backgrid.
Image via Backgrid.

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Dick is criminally underrated. It is such a fantastic movie (Dan Hedaya’s Nixon was brilliant!) and one of my all-time favorites. I felt so bad for them having to film scenes in those era-authentic clothes in the hot swamp-ass DC summer.