Kirk Cameron Opens His Mouth Just Wide Enough to Accommodate His Stinky Foot

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Zombie child actor Kirk Cameron refuses to stay in the cool, dark earth of his television career, and so has reached a necrotic limb into the media once again to talk about...himself. Specifically, Cameron would like everyone to know that all the bigoted stuff he said about gay people to Piers Morgan was taken out of context. Except that it's all right there on television and most people watching television can see and hear Kirk Cameron saying things like marriage can only mean one thing forever and ever and ever, and that thing is heterosexual men and women, getting together, pumping out those babies.


Cameron told Naples News that, though he might have liked to say some things differently, — on this score, Cameron said he could definitely commiserate with professional foot-lozenge enthusiast Todd Akin — he thinks the "liberal press" twisted his words as easily if they'd been made of Silly Putty:

If Piers Morgan were truly concerned about the homosexual community, concerned with people being hurt, he could have eliminated that section, like he did many other parts of our conversation.

Nobody's under the illusion that Piers Morgan is the media's Sir Galahad, but Cameron said what he said, so if he's going to be a hateful bigot, he may as well not try to shift his bigotry onto someone else.

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And lo, the LORD said unto him, "judge not lest ye be judged."

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