King Princess Has No Chill

King Princess, 19, titled her latest EP Make My Bed, but when she dropped by the Jezebel studio this month, she assured us she does not. Instead, she explained that the inspiration came from a “...big ole break-up.”

The Brooklyn musician, whose given name is Mikaela Strauss, explores what it’s like to be left heartbroken and in dire need of a strong drink. In the music video for the single “Talia,” for instance, she caresses a mannequin in bed, a sort of stand-in for a lost love. “I can see you dancing, I can lay down next to you,” she sings, “at the foot of my bed, if I drink enough.” In our latest edition of Jezebel Quickies, King Princess spoke to us about her music, smoking bogies, queer art, and having no chill.



Why, hello there, Kayra Clouden! Gosh, what a lovely name. :)

Anyway, this appears to be your first-ever post/video, so congrats! It’s a good one, short and sweet. Nice, simple questions designed to prompt interesting answers that give us insight into the artist’s personality, and then you just step back and let her shine.

Keep up the good work!