King Of Sweden's "Sex Romps" Will Sear Your Brain

For a week, we have tried to ignore the lurid details revealed in a new tell-all about the Swedish monarch. We can no longer. So let's get this over with and then never speak of it again.

We don't know how King Carl Gustaf feels about The Reluctant Monarch — chagrined? Secretly pleased — but we are really seriously displeased to have the following images emblazoned on our subconscious:

  • The king attending "sex parties" hosted by a Mafia boss

  • The king "spending thousands" at strip clubs

  • The king "engaged in late-night whirlpool liaisons with aspiring models"

  • The king sleeping with two women at the same time "to celebrate a successful elk hunt"

  • The king's length and passionate affair with "teenager" model and singer Camilla Henemark

Our sympathies to Queen Silvia — as well as whatever member of staff blabbed to biographer Thomas Sjöberg. And, frankly, to everyone else who has images of the king chasing "aspiring models" through a castle like something out of a grotesque 1930s cartoon.

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