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Mediabistro asked one pair of industry insiders about their publishing predictions for the decade to come. Among them? "95% of all reading will be on screens" and "most authors will be indie authors." [Mediabistro]


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Here goes: These "death of books" and attendant "rise of e-readers" articles are about as stupid as arguing how much of the road in NYC should be given over to Segway traffic.

People like me will always gravitate towards bookshelves when we find ourselves visiting a house for the first time. On the other hand, there are real (and sometimes medical) reasons why there will always be a place for a Kindle. I think the big difference is that in the future, people will wonder what reading a book vs. an e-reader will "say" about them to other people.

But I DO think that people will someday soon be able to get media streams and book "discographies" online, for the 90% of books which aren't in print. I can easily imagine someone pirating the complete works of Jane Austen, or a scanned version of "Hudibras."

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