• Two California women were arrested last month after they started a brawl at a kindergarten graduation. What began as an argument quickly turned physical, at which point several men got involved, forcing the officials to place the school on lockdown.

Apparently, the fight started on Facebook where one of the two ladies posted a comment about the Los Angeles Lakers. Queiona Burt and Marina Ruth Vargas are scheduled to be arraigned August 25.


  • Famous party crasher Michaele Salahi says she's planning to auction off the red sari she wore to the White House state dinner last November. Proceeds will go to victims of the Haitan earthquake and people with multiple sclerosis.
  • Is there a such thing as The Kagan Effect? Apparently there is, and it's a good thing for women. Kagan's influence on the supreme court will be determined in part by the type of questions women ask. According to Amanda Bennett, author of The Edge of Change, women ask less "linear" questions and tend to glean a far more complete picture of the situation.
  • In response to pressure from health groups, Kellogs has pledge to cut back on the amount of sugar they pack into cereals in the UK. Brands like Coco Pops will soon have 15% less of the good stuff.
  • A federal judge is set to publish his decision today on the validity of Proposition 8. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker will release his ruling on whether California's same-sex marriage ban is valid online this afternoon. Various events are scheduled in response to the ruling throughout the state.
  • For the first time, The Kama Sutra will be made available on audio tape. The 1,600 year-old sex guide will be read by British actress Tanya Franks.
  • Experts say that the internet, especially websites like Craigslist, has become the preferred way to sell women for sex. Craigslist's popularity - and several high profile cases involving the abuse of minors - recently made them the target of a nationwide campaign against prostitution. Anti-trafficking group The FAIR Fund describes the site as "the Wal-Mart of online sex trafficking."
  • A dog who bit off his owner's big toe is being called a hero for his brave chomping. Jerry Douthett had been hiding the infected digit for weeks when his Jack Russell terrier finally had enough and bit it clean off. "He pretty much just ate the infection. He saved my life," said Douthett.
  • A British newspaper has kindly purchased the Russian donkey that made headlines last month when her owner forced her to parasail. Anapka will most likely live out the rest of her life quietly at an animal shelter.
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo, star of The Stoning of Soraya M. spoke wrote about the recent sentence of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani to death by stoning and the terrifying connections to her own career: "The excruciating resemblance of Ashtiani's case to the film was devastating to me and somewhat shocking to those who did not believe such punishment still exists in the world, even after having watched the film." Read the full article here.