Kinda Seems Like This 110-Year Old Woman Wants the Reporter to Leave Her Alone

Is this me in the future?

Flossie Dickey is a 110-year-old woman from Cheney, Washington (born February 18, 1906) who was rudely interrupted by Fox News on her goddamn birthday.

The reporter doesn’t seem to take the hint that Flossie isn’t in the mood for a full-on conversation about being old as hell and still alive.

Instead, the Fox reporter continues asking Flossie questions about her “birthday party” and her grandkids (12 of them and 20 great grandkids), while Flossie reacts with impressive levels of silence and coffee-sipping.


When asked, “Are you excited for your party?” Flossie says, “Not one bit.”

When asked if she’d rather be napping, Flossie responds:

“ ”

When told she seems like a busy lady, she says:

“ ”

Asked for the secret to a long life, though, Flossie says, “I don’t know. I don’t fight it. I live it.”

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“Get that mic out of my fucking face. Take the g-damned flowers off my lap. I’m going to wipe that stupid smile off your stupid fucking face. And if you talk to me like I’m a 3 year old for another second, I may see 111 but you won’t see tomorrow”

She reminds me of my grandmom.