Illustration for article titled Kimyes Marriage Lasted 114 Days, So Wendy Williams Ate (a Real) Crow

Talk show host Wendy Williams has been saying over and over again that Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kanye West would not last 73 days — one day longer than Kim's sham union to Kris Humphries — but it has.


The Kardashian brood themselves described Kim's second union (to Humphries) as "something she had to go through."

Though many believe West and Kardashian have the odds stacked against them — so much scandal, so much drama — the couple have made it to 73 days. In fact, as of Sept. 15th, they've made it to 114 days. To acknowledge this fact, I present a super cut of Wendy Williams, above, spouting her truth, as wrong as it was. She says things like "[Kim] and Kanye will not make it," and "I don't believe that they're ever going to get married" and "I think that this relationship is done" and "If I am wrong and they actually get married, I will eat crow right here on this stage."


And! Below: Wendy eating the aforementioned crow, prepared into a gumbo for her by a chef with a floppy hat. She paired it with pinot noir.

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