Kimmel Catches People Bullshitting About What Oscar Films They've Seen

Jimmy Kimmel is back with an Oscars edition of "Lie Witness News," in which innocent passerby are forever memorialized as lying idiots.


This time, Kimmel sent a camera crew out to Hollywood Boulevard to prove that even people who haven't seen the films in question will try their best to muster opinions on Oscar nominees, asking admittedly hilarious questions like: "Do you think it was overkill that Julianne Moore cried for a full 90 minutes in Cryface, or was that just right?" and, "How do you think Angelina Jolie did as Rosa Parks in Selma? Do you think she brought a sexiness to that scene on the bus?"


Amanda Greathouse

Love when they asked that one young guy what he thought of the movie 'too stoned to function' and he was like the only one who didn't lie and was just like 'never heard of it'. Some of the lies are just tragic. I love Angelina Jolie more than like 99% of hollywood, but seriously, the stuff about her... was preposterous. lol