Kim Zolciak-Biermann Will Never Not Strike a Pose

Bravo celebrity Kim Zolciak-Biermann proved that there’s no place she can’t strike a pose in an Instagram published Tuesday. In the photo (seen above), she and husband Kroy can be seen standing proudly in a hospital recovery room, flanked by the horizontal bodies of their two children, Kash and Brielle, resting in their beds.


Though the frustratingly backlit photo is a tad alarming at first glance, allow me to assure you that her children are doing just fine. They were at the hospital for minor surgery (Brielle had her tonsils removed, while Kash had his adenoids removed), and Kim simply decided not to leave their shared hospital room without serving a little elbow-out, messy topknot, nursing school grad realness.

Look around! Everywhere you turn is heartache. It’s everywhere that you go! You try everything you can to escape the pain of life that you know. When all else fails and you long to be something better than you are today, I know a place where you can get away: it’s called the recovery floor, and here’s what it’s for.

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You are what you say

two children, Kash and Brielle,

Jesus Christ people Kash? Really, Kash?

I do like Brielle that ones not bad.