Kim Kardashian West Reflects Upon a Q tip

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Kim Kardashian West–prominent GMO proponent, lady of an oasis upon drought-ravaged lands, queen shuttled between air-conditioned restaurants and hotels in sports utility vehicles, keeper of a Twitter following the size of the population of Egypt–demonstrated a vague awareness of the natural environment yesterday.



She resumed with the cosmetics.

Chrissy Teigen shades husband John Legend on Twitter, and with all things Chrissy Teigen, nothing more to add. (But just kidding, she really loves him).

PROOF that Prince Harry and Melania Trump are concocting diabolical plans (just read the signs) by sitting together during the opening of the Invictus games, Celebitchy reports. As reported yesterday, one or both of them is the devil.

Even though the “mainstream media” reports that Donald Trump’s wife enjoys three percentage points more popularity than he does, he just wants to double-check, okay? So on Thursday, he polled his mailing list. Writes Page Six:

“The mainstream media has been publishing polls showing the American people’s strong support for first lady Melania Trump. Even the media can’t deny her poise, class and patriotism,” the email read. “We want to be sure that an accurate portrayal of Melania Trump’s support is given.”


Like, are you sure? She could do a better job, right? She’s not really that public, though. Positive? Like, more than me? Here’s the poll:

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Great, just checking!

  • Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire, Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire) is getting sued by friend Michael Kimbrew for hundreds of thousands of dollars which he claims he’s owed in managerial fees. [Page Six]
  • Colin Firth has gotten Italian citizenship after Brexit. [Page Six]
  • The royal family attends church every Sunday, and every week, the Daily Mail cleaves to its roadside post to take photos of their travel. The commitment is admirable in the British way. [Daily Mail]

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Oh Donnaaaaaaa! Donna Strunk!!!

Melania’s popularity is 100% based on being attractive and very quiet. For trump supporters she’s the perfect woman, none of this uppity talking back and having opinions feminazi shit. Guaranteed if she somehow came out saying something the trumpers found offensive or controversial, they’d be calling her an ugly old bitch in a heartbeat.